Pass It On Project, part 1

I just found out about a really heart-warming project via those handy folks at One Project Closer, the Better Half, a blog I read for DIY inspirations.

The Pass It On Project was originally started by Karah at The Space Between.  I don't read Karah's blog, but I loved her idea of sending a small handmade thank-you to the bloggers I really appreciate.  I am beginning with the easiest one, by giving a jar of strawberry jam to Sonya terBorg, the inspirational 5th grade teacher I have been blessed to work with for the past year here at Riverstone International School.

I look forward to reading her posts every time and had to stop starring her entries in my blog reader because there are just too many good ones.  :-)  One example is Reasons You Haven’t “Made It”, How To Keep Going, and Why You Are Enough - this introduced me to an author I never knew whose books make me cry and feel joy in the same way Shel Silverstine's The Giver has since I was 8.  What a gift.

Thanks, Sonya!