Not much progress, tomorrow's focus: 10 min wait

Again was able to eat well for breakfast, lunch and snacks, ate too much for dinner (which was spread out over too much time, so snacked extra before dinner). Disappointed in this.

Yesterday, tried to find a weight-loss forum for men, wasn't successful. Found one possibility (weightlossbuddies.com) but was very unimpressed with their website and ethics.

The evening dilemma has been an issue I've noticed before on many occasions. Before about 5pm, I have no problem with keeping to a good diet. It's during and after dinner-ish time that I seem to have trouble keeping my fitness goal in mind (over and ahead of my enjoyment of food). I will focus tomorrow on remembering to wait 10 minutes before eating anything extra (I catch up with my fitness goals if I wait a few minutes; it's the immediate indulgence that is currently my downfall).

10 minute wait before eating extra!


Starting out

Today was pretty successful. I kept to my desired dietary restrictions for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. Yahoo! After dinner, though, I allowed myself to have too much dessert (a friend came by with a holiday plate of cookies and goodies). I noticed this consciously after a while (I was going to write "too long" but changed it because I'm also trying to be gentle with myself on this journey). Instead, I started to munch a few pomegranate seeds at a time (one of my favorite natural treats). I was succesful in staying away from the goodies for the rest of the evening. Yahoo again! Total calorie intake for the day was, although more than I had planned, still substantially less than yesterday and my daily average for some time. Overall, a good start.

Next steps:
* Daily blog entry
* Calorie intake journal (calorielookup.com)
* Daily weight record (hacker's diet)
* Join forum (maybe at calorielookup, maybe at hacker's diet, maybe at google)


Next steps

* Re-read Hacker's Diet
* Add blog entry every day
* Log calories daily


Lost motivation

I haven't posted for many days, mostly because I'm not motivated to restrict my diet right now. I'm enjoying food.