Not much progress, tomorrow's focus: 10 min wait

Again was able to eat well for breakfast, lunch and snacks, ate too much for dinner (which was spread out over too much time, so snacked extra before dinner). Disappointed in this.

Yesterday, tried to find a weight-loss forum for men, wasn't successful. Found one possibility (weightlossbuddies.com) but was very unimpressed with their website and ethics.

The evening dilemma has been an issue I've noticed before on many occasions. Before about 5pm, I have no problem with keeping to a good diet. It's during and after dinner-ish time that I seem to have trouble keeping my fitness goal in mind (over and ahead of my enjoyment of food). I will focus tomorrow on remembering to wait 10 minutes before eating anything extra (I catch up with my fitness goals if I wait a few minutes; it's the immediate indulgence that is currently my downfall).

10 minute wait before eating extra!

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