Sorry about the delay, had problems with the app I was using (blog press) crashing. We spent Thanksgiving weekend here in Boise, with friends and family. All 4 of Amy brothers were in town, so Mom and Dad's house was quite busy and noisy on Thursday! We shared great food and lots of catching up with each other. Mom had found a neat idea, creating an alphabet using kids to pose as the letters

So we set up a makeshift studio (sheet hung for background + extra lights) and made our own kidphabet with all the grandkids. I can't wait until I get a copy so I can use it for cards etc.

Later in the weekend, we went over to our neighbors house.

Dong and Hui are from China and invited us over for Hot-pot, a delightful cuisine in which the food is brought to the table raw and is cooked in a pot of boiling broth (usually with a slick of spicy oil on top; this is from Seschuan province). We got to try this when we visited China as Peace Corps volunteers and loved it but never thought we'd get to try it outside China. One word for the evening: yum!

While we ate, our kids played together....something involving guns and sneaking around as a group. They appeared to be having fun, no arguments, so all in all it was a very enjoyable evening.

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