Harare trip, miscellaneous notes

Unconnected thought and observations I've made today:

Sleeping under a mosquito net. Be sure to bring several for beds, etc. (Jeff has one for the outdoor sitting area on the patio but Minus says he hasn't yet used it.)

Water is potable but doesn't taste quite right...not terrible but just not pleasant (I'm not used to the mineral mix). Bring filters.

Climate feels _balmy_. Before I came I checked and found it was fairly consistently running around 27-28C, with nights dropping to around 20C. Here, this feels like a warm summer time temp, rather moister than Boise, but not as humid as Iowa. A slight breeze easily cools me down. Daytime is short-sleeve and shorts weather, night is cooler, pants and long sleeves would be comfortable, but no need for a sweater. Jeff and his wife mentioned that these temps (rainy season, Not summer) are a bit cooler than they've been used to in the previous 6 months. When they arrived though, it was really cold to them; it was 90s-ish from where they came, 40s when they arrived. There is no heat in the house except the fireplace, so they spent a lot of time in front of the fire in their first few weeks.

Clothing is standard stuff I could see anywhere in the US, with a bit of local colors and patterns mixed in, primarily on the ladies, especially those carrying small children. The common method here is to wrap them around your back in a colorful print with just their heads out.

It's recommended that we have a couple hobbies each, including everything we need to persue those, with us. Laurie and Jeff garden, cook from scratch and fly model helicopters.

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