A tour of the school

Here's a short visual tour of the campus here at Cairo American College.  It's a pretty nice facility, right in the middle of a multi-year refurbishment plan.  We began our tour walking past the middle school library
A bit later we passed the on-campus coffee shop (Juana may have trouble with her goal to stay off coffee with this temptation!  Being in the opposite corner of the campus from the elementary building may make it easier to resist, though.
The center of the campus is a well manicured field for large events and sports.  In the background you can see the elementary building peeking through the trees.
 I'll spend most of my time in the high school building.
 There's also a running track (elementary in the background again) and a swimming pool with a high dive.  The boys have already tried out the pool extensively and report that it's lots of fun.

 They haven't gotten to the playground yet, but it looks like we'll probably spend some time there before long.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Nice to see what the campus looks like.