On vacation

Our first stop on the vacation route was to spend a few days at YMCA camp. Michael went to a week-long kid's camp last year and liked it, but wanted to go to family camp this year. We had a blast! There was rock climbing, archery, riflery, s'mores, stories, singing, group games, rockets, bouldering, kayaking, swimming, and more. The boys were exhausted each night and eager to get going each morning. They were already talking about coming back next year as we left to come home.

Then we spent a quick day with mom and dad, a last goodbye to Boise, and we were on our way. We stopped by the Twin Falls Miller's house to say goodbye to them (and were lucky enough to catch uncle Noah at a time when we could drop by his work for a quick hug and goodbye, too).

Then we drove down to Moapa, just north of Las Vegas, to spend a couple weeks with aubuelito and abuelita. They were pleased to see us, especially the boys. Abuelito has already taken William out on the tractor to feed the cows; Michael is scheduled for his turn tomorrow. The desert has been hot, so they've spent quite a bit of time in the pool in the front yard, or down the road at the splash pad. Cool wet fun on a hot day!

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