We've spent the last several days in Washington DC. The traditional stuff--White House, Treasury, Congress, etc--we either skipped as not interesting enough for our young audience, or were unable to get tickets to view. However, we spent a couple days touring some of the Smithsonian, specifically the Air and Space museum and the natural history museum.

It's been very humid, and hot enough to feel oppressive. On evening, while out for a walk and dinner, we chanced upon a plaza filled with parents and kids. We soon discovered that it was like the Grove fountain in Boise and both boys immediately took advantage of the opportunity to get a little wet (read: completely soaked).

Finally, we dropped by the Air and Space branch by the airport and gawped at fighter jets, ultralights, and the space shuttle Discovery.

Unfortunately, we missed our flight because I translated time zones incorrectly. :-( Fortunately, the wonderful folks at Ethiopian Airlines helped us correct the problem and booked us on the next flight out, the next morning, as well as helping us find accommodations. It was about as pleasant a disaster as could be arranged, and not even too expensive. :-) So, we'll be flying out in about two hours, as I write this, and will be in Harare at our new home tomorrow by 2:00.

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