Did better today; I was pretty restrained during breakfast, splurged a bit at lunch as a result, exercised by going to Aikido, and had a pretty average dinner (by caloric standard, anyway.).

Feeling a bit better, but still tough to get into my pants. I am looking very much fortward to the day when my body reflects the inner Thin Man me.

Also have noticed quite definitely that late afternoon and evening are my achilles heel. That's when I really want to have something overly sugary and over fatty, partly because I know it's not good for me. I think this goes back to my days sneaking food at home after school. It's like I'm still doing that, and getting a good feeling out of it somehow.

I also noticed today, at the prompting of an article I read, that the first bite of anything is better than the rest. So, trying good stuff, like fudge, should be done with small bites that are allowed to last and linger in the mouth. A lot of water handy to drink afterward can help keep the follow-up urges contained.

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