First Post

Today I'm beginning my journey toward the thin, fit man I am.  I've been noticing lately that I feel too big to fit inside my skin (let alone my pants!).  I have a hard time with some moves in Aikido.  I get tired easily trying to keep up with my two sons.  And I feel ashamed of my body when it comes to intimacy with my wife.

Reading up on changing habits and creating new habits, over at Zen Habits, I found posting a public blog was a recommended step.  This is my record, mostly for my personal use but also hopefully inspiring for anyone who stumbles across it.

My goals:  160 lbs, able to do streching easily, able to keep up with my sons easily, able to participate in Aikido without thought of my belly, able to fit into all my pants (this is how I'll be measuring success); satisfied eating.

I've realized over my past attempts that I have a stress related trigger with a delay factor.  Sugar and starchy fatty sugar are my vices.  I like and enjoy chocolate and other sweets, so I need to build those into my plan.

That's enough for tonight, it's getting late.  More tomorrow.

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