Lights out, get out!

We came home to find that someone had driven their truck into a pair of power poles in our neighborhood and our house was out of power for the afternoon and evening. So my plan to trim the boys hair, then have them shower and head outside for some playtime was foiled. Instead, we decided together to head out for a long walk on the Greenbelt and a late, cold dinner.

After initial grumbling (William is 5, and struggles with transitions right now), we started walking and the play started. For the boys, it nearly instantly became an adventure, with derring-do, swordplay (sticks), bad guys around every corner, and much fun. As we started walking, Michael asked if we could take pictures of birds for the school's Big Break Birding Contest. Then we arrived at the big tree, and stopped for quite a while so the boys could climb and have adventures there.

As we walked, i got many shots, including mallard ducks, kestrels, a raven, what we think is a woodpecker, and this fabulous shot (luck, not skill!) of two great blue herons in the rookery near the Greenbelt.

Finally, we returned home (about 2 1/2 hours later!) and had sandwiches and fruit for dinner. Then we went to bed and I read stories by candlelight. It was a wonderful adventure, all the more enjoyable because it was unplanned.

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