Michael's initiative

Today is a parent teacher conference day at Riverstone. Michael is hanging out with me in my office most of the day, playing legos and video games. He spent much of the morning working on a lego game he's designing; he has big plans for me to play it with him over spring break (he says it will take at least one whole day, and could take more if I want it to :-).

Later, we were walking through the arts wing of the school and saw a bulletin board showing 4th grade projects in tessellations, along with posters explaining how tesselations are created. He decided to create his own, went to speak with the art teacher, and started working on it. With a little help from the art teacher, he is about 40% done, after about 2 hours of work. He regularly impresses me with this kind of self-managed project. I was very proud of him.

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